Final Bow to Bluff Design Framework Released!

by davidw on April 3, 2012

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The Bow to Bluff team is pleased to have put the final touches on the Bow to Bluff Design Framework.  O2 Planning + Design were charged with pulling together over 2,000 individual ideas provided by over 2,500 engaged citizens – and it hasn’t been easy to synthesize all those ideas, big and small, into one coherent vision.  Big thanks to O2!  Among the larger themes are design solutions for replacement of the LRT fence, revitalization of pocket parks for active living and recreation, re-purposing some streets as shared environments for more than just cars, activating laneway mews, and creating a new central corridor civic space.

The Design Framework provides an overall vision and broad design guidelines for future redevelopment and revitalization within the corridor.  The Framework is intended to be used by developers (when preparing land use and development permit applications within the corridor), The City of Calgary (when addressing future public realm improvements when reviewing developer applications), and, the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association (when commenting on land use rezoning and development permit applications).  Local residents and citizens at-large are strongly encouraged to use the framework to understand the overall vision and champion implementation, particularly as it relates to flexible or temporary programmatic uses that activate and improve the quality of experience for all users of the corridor.

The Bow to Bluff team is helping take the Design Framework forward to City Council for review and formal consideration.  This will hopefully establish a City adopted vision for change in the corridor and help facilitate revitalization overtime.  But, producing a ‘vision’ document alone is not where Bow to Bluff sees the project as a true success.  Our team will begin to reach out to all those citizens that participated in engagement process and we hope to rally the ‘Friends of Bow to Bluff’ to become a group of champions, who as small groups or individuals, begin to realize implementation of the vision.  Let us know if you’d like to be a champion by emailing us at:

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