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by kristin on October 11, 2011

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In our first week in the Ant Hill building over 500 citizens came through our doors to brainstorm how to improve the Bow to Bluff corridor. The big ideas range from “more green spaces” to “public art on the LRT fence” to “redevelop the old warehouse into a farmers’ market/community building”. We can already see a few themes emerging around the LRT platform, recreational spaces, the old warehouse, public art, family-friendly development, cycling infrastructure and community gardening.


Sticky notes full of ideas cover the walls in the Ant Hill building

Sounding Board

One of the four sounding boards in the corridor

The ‘sounding boards’ in the Bow to Bluff corridor are attracting lots of feedback from residents and commuters who use the corridor. Most comments are about the space and how we can make it more inviting for people. Our personal favourite so far: “Free candy” :-) The sounding boards will remain in the corridor for the rest of the month; make sure to check them out.

Because we are a social bunch we also invited a few groups to our storefront like a delegation of the Tamarack conference last week. We started off with a walk in the corridor led by Natalia Zoldak. One of the group members remembered the time before the LRT was built in Sunnyside in 1987. “I was living here back then. It was awesome; you would just walk or bike everywhere.” Walking and cycling seemed key to many in the group along with more open, inviting park spaces. The existing parks were deemed dysfunctional because of a lack of benches or an enclosure of trees that blocks off sunlight and makes the park shady and unsafe.

Jane's Walk

Tamarack: Jane's Walk

Jane's Walk 2

Tamarack: at Ant Hill

Jane's Walk group

The Tamarack group






We look forward to having more groups in the Ant Hill building to look at the corridor from a different perspective. Next week, our doors are open for Next Up, a youth leadership program, a heritage reception and Bike Calgary.

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