Who is Bow to Bluff?

The Bow to Bluff Initiative is run by an independent citizen-led group, known as the B2B RPC (Bow to Bluff Resources and Planning Committee).  The RPC comprises six diverse, volunteer professionals from the Great Public Spaces group of Civic Camp, and the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community Association.  These ordinary but dedicated citizens have promised to only use their superpowers for good.

The current B2B RPC members are:

Kerri Treherne, Community Engagement Chair
David White, Planning and Design Chair, Ward 7 Office & O2 Design Team Liaison
Tamara Lee, Communications and Public Relations Chair
Kiran Somanchi, Finance and Administration Liaison
Tim Kitchen, HSCA Financial Agent and Liaison
Bob Miller, Strategic Advisor and Mayor’s Office Liaison

Bow to Bluff is supported by a team of professional engagement and design consultants:

Doug Olson, Executive Sponsor, Oversight (O2 Planning + Design)
Andrew Palmiere, Project Lead (O2 Planning + Design)
Dave Robertson, Community Engagement (Mistri Consulting)
John Lewis, Community Engagement (Intelligent Futures)
Mark Crisp, Design Lead, Oversight (O2 Planning + Design)
Michael Magnan, Design Support (O2 Planning + Design)
Micheal Williamson, Design Support & Logistics (O2 Planning + Design)
Kristin Marquardt, Communications & Logistics Adjutant



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